Not all information spread on the internet is true

Use the internet as well as possible and be selective in accessing information

Posted by DESY on September 18, 2022

A place where people from all parts of the world can connect and communicate with each other without having to meet in person can be called the internet. In this day and age, the internet is no longer foreign to us. The Internet has become commonplace in everyday life. When you work using the internet, learning at school uses the internet, and when you are at home or wherever you are, you must be connected to the internet.

You could say, the internet has become one of the basic needs of human life today.

This massive use of the internet has occurred in all areas of life, including the agricultural sector. The Internet provides farmers with information on plant and animal care, fertilizer application, irrigation, weather forecasts, and market prices.

These benefits the farmers in terms of advocacy and cooperative activities.

In addition, the impact of the internet on the economic sector is also quite large. Starting from banking, publishing, stock transactions, and advertising, everything can be done via the internet.

This allows for very effective and efficient buying and selling transactions due to the easy and cost-effective use of the internet.

The same impact also occurs in the health sector. The presence of the internet makes it easier for the public to find out various kinds of information about diseases, therapy, and drugs and their prevention in improving the health status of the community.

Not only that but the benefits of the internet can also be felt in the education sector. With the internet, learning can not only be done face-to-face or come to a learning institution directly but can also be done only at home. The Internet allows distance learning.

In addition, the internet also helps the transformation of knowledge students more efficiently due to the ease of accessing information.

Just like anything else, the internet doesn't always have a good impact, but it also has a bad impact. One of the negative effects of the internet in the agricultural sector is the reduction in the labor force of farmers. This is not only caused by the low interest of the millennial generation to enter the agrarian sector but also because of increasingly advanced technology.

Not only that but the negative influence of the internet can also be felt in the economic sector. The advancement of the internet has an impact on the number of cases of fraud in online commerce. In addition, there is also such a thing as cracking.

Cracking is an attempt to enter a network illegally with the intent to steal, modify, or destroy files stored on the network.

Meanwhile, in the education sector, the influence of the internet which makes it easy to access all information can cause plagiarists to commit deception.

The existence of the internet in our lives can be a gift or a curse, depending on how we view it and react to it. Therefore, use the internet as well as possible and be selective in accessing information.

Not all information spread on the internet is true.